Regular Freight

Our stevedoring company provides the freight handling service in ports under a licence granted by the Port Authorities, which includes the maritime traffic activities of loading, stowage, unloading and transhipment of goods, allowing their transfer between ships or between ships and land or other means of transport


We take care of the handling operations of all types of freight in ports, from the loading and unloading of vessels through to storage. For this we have the necessary machinery and qualified personnel in order to operate in the best possible conditions.


Reception, loading and stowing of goods on board ships, unloading and delivery of freight. And also:

  1. Emptying and filling of containers.
  2. Classification of freight.
  3. Movements inside the port to transfer freight to the appropriate inspection area.
  4. Development and maintenance support infrastructure (cranes, warehouses, etc.).

Customs brokerage

We hold an administrative concession granted by the appropriate Port Authority, which allows us to exclusively use an area of the dock to carry out our activity in the port terminal.


NOur units are adapted for handling dry, cold, frozen and multi-temperature goods according to our customer’s needs. Our fleet of trucks offers the following advantages:

  1. We have a latest generation fleet with new trucks adapted to the needs of each company.
  2. We renew our trucks every five years, according to the type of contract with the customer
  3. We have an extensive fleet of more than 200 trucks.
  4. We offer our customers the assurance that their merchandise is insured against any type of incidents or losses.
  5. We offer the support and reassurance that the merchandise will be transported in full safety to its final destination, by having a satellite tracking system for the fleet on all its routes.

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