About Us

We are more than just another shipping company

When we take responsibility for your freight, we make sure that everything goes perfectly and delivery is at the agreed time.


ASEMAR is a stevedoring and maritime-land logistics company belonging to the group of companies, Grupo Santy Holding. Specialist in port operations of freight handling, loading and unloading containers, horizontal movements and transport to the final destination.

It is a company in continuous expansion, constantly investing in equipment and infrastructures that make it the logistics reference in Equatorial Guinea. We have been offering freight transportation services for more than 30 years, accumulating our own large fleet in the process.

All our ships are equipped with the most advanced technology and are suitable for a wide variety of uses. Likewise, each of our vessels is manned by highly skilled crew members with many years of experience. When we talk about our relationship with customers, we are proud to be an accessible, adaptable and professional supplier. This has made it possible for us to build countless long-term relationships with major companies in our industry.

Our goal.

Our goal is to provide an efficient, effective and reliable service.